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Last Blog…for credit

I am very happy to write at the title of the blog that this is the last one I write in order to receive credit!  Therefore, I have chosen to talk about the class in general and the series.  The class has helped me open the eyes and find connections with society, not only between Harry Potter books, but also among other books.   I never thought about the relevance of society and the messages of the book.  J.K. Rowen did a very good job in mentioning all the different topics that affect us such as the still difference in social class, politics, Hitler, sexist values, journalism and sensationalism, immigration,  gay issues, good vs. evil, among many others.  I think it has been really good eye opener when it comes to interpreting text. 

The class has also helped with, of course, it’s main purpose- writing.  It has helped in an innumerable number of ways.  I think the constant writing assignments were very good to get used to the tricks, language, structure, etc.    The discussions were very helpful  in order to have a more clear idea of the assignment and of the purpose of the class.  I enjoyed and it has definitely helped me in my other classes.

Hitler and the Jews

I have realized more and more, how parallel is Voldemort to Hitler.   This is no an idea that I came up with by myself. I think i read it somewhere on the internet at the beginning of the semester, when I was learning about Harry Potter because I had only watched the movies and never read the books before.  At the beginning I said to myself:  ” this is ridiculous, people don’t know what else to think anymore, they just go around making stuff up that doesn’t even make sense.  However, after the semester and learning more about the story, I have come realize how similar it actually is to Hitler.  Voldemort is like Hitler because he wants to get rid of the jews, in this case the mudbloods.  I think is fascinating how before this class I could never make such connections.   Not only there is reference to HItler, but also there is reference to social classes, sexist values among many others.  The jews, in this case, do not have the features they Nazis thought they had or follow the religions, they simply are not fully wizards at birth.  I think the resemblance is amazing and very interesting.


One of the things i have learned in this class is the importance of clarity.  Is amazing how many unnecessary words we use in a single paragraph, even a sentence.  In public relations and journalistic writing we are extremely specific and use very short sentences to express and idea or pass along an information.   Therefore, I have been used to writing like that.  However, when taking this rhetoric class, I assumed that using fancy words or extra words to explain and define ideas was going to give me a good grade in class.  Well, i learned that it doesn’t work that way.  I actually had to sit down and go over my sentences and realize how much clutter (word wise) i had in my text.  I also learned that there is a always a way to write in a simpler and more concise manner.   I am pretty sure that these blogs of mine are full of clutter in reference to clarity and that I am not actually showing what I have learned in class.  Well, this blog has served to just express my self in the wordiness, weird English grammar I speak, jejeje.  It was helpful to have to sit down and think about simple things such as clarity.

Dumbeldore’s issue

Ok… so  I dont actually believe the idea that J.K. Rowling had all the intentions of making  Dumbeldore gay since the moment she began to develop the character.  I think if she had meant to make Dumbeldore gay she would have made it very obviously through the series.  However, since she recently made that claim, after such a long time of having the story exposed to the world, many people is looking at the character in the different way.  They don’t feel the same respect as they did before.  I wonder myself:  Why does it matter whether he is gay or not?  That doesn’t make him less smart, successful, loved and admired by the wizard world.  Whether he is gay or not should not matter.  In this case society is looking down a book character, but in reality they are looking down at many.  Being gay is not a crime.  Is part of the sexuality of a human being.  Therefore, I don’t think any men should be looked down for.  Their personality is what defines who they are, their social behavior, just like any other person in this world.    Most important gays are human beings just like us, who deserve the same respect as anyone else. 

Why does people hate so much in Harry Potter?  Why does it bothers them so much that the book is being read and that the world is actually enjoying it.  I was writing my last persuasive paper about why the books and the movies should be banned.  In my research I found that these parents have some really closed minded motives to want these books banned.  They claim that the story distracts from the idea that evil is out there, dark magic exists, Harry Potter is a bad example because he disrespects everyone else, breaks the rules and always gets his way.  I arrived to the following conclusion:

Some of us worry about Harry Potter’s behavior and how it affects/influences children because we are too scared of changing the norms.  We are very comfortable in society.  We have rules, believes, morals and ethics that shape our lifestyles.  For now, we are in control.  The reason society has stable through decades is because human beings have been very smart and capable of manipulating children.  Our great-grandparents ahve manipulated oru grandparents, who have manipulated our parents, who have manipulated us, who are trying to manipulate a new generation into thinking the way we do.  Since born, children are told what to do, what is right or worng, what rules to follow, what to believe and how to behave.  However, everything is one sided.  Parents want their children to think the way they do because that way they can stay in control.  It is much easier to have your own children read books and watch movies that match with their beliefs, this way, they don’t need to answer questions raised by stories such as HP.  This way, everything continues to be going as planned.  Nevertheless, as society evolves, the new generation is learning to have a mind of their own.  Therefore, they are bieng accused of being unrespectufl and disobeying authority and parents, intead of blaming themselves, are blaming external sources such as the HP series.

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Journalism’s New Trend, Sensationalism

One of my favorite references to today’s society that J.K. Rowling has written in the books is the reference to the lack of ethics from the media.  Everyday we are bombarded with news.  The problem is that most of them are from entertainment.  Most of them are superficial news about the life of people that we don’t even know or care about.  The sad situation is that those superficial news cannot even be trusted.  Journalists make things up in order to earn the headline or gain recognition form the public.  The scandals, law suits, sex and dating topics are everywhere.  There is no way to scape it.  Journalism should go back to its roots, take a vacation and analyze how to give real and relevant information to the public.  I feel they are a major influence in the perversion of society.  Harry Potter makes that very clear when Rita tries to destroy Dumbeldore’s image after his death.  The book show a horrible repulsive side to this field that I love so much, but from which I am very disappointing.  This is another reason why this series is very good.  It portrays real life examples of what has gone wrong in society. 

Harry Potter Vs. Twilight

This is obviously a topic in which we are all going to agree to.  I can’t believe the twilight series is even compared to a story much more superior such as Harry Potter. Yes, they are both “fantasy”  however, the plot and ideas are entirely different.   There are so many people out there trying to ban HP, however, you can see how they allow their children to read Twilight.  The vampire story is nothing but full of bad influences and morals for children and specially teenagers, girls seem to be the most affected.  Bella is pretty much telling the world, we are not worth anything, we should just not respect and love ourselves.  We have no life and if we have one, it should be all around a boy. She drops out of college, get pregnant at young age, tries to get killed several times, just so that she can hear edward’s voice.  REALLY?? omg girls don’t read stories with such a low amount of substance.  If they think is romantic and getting it anywhere is NOT.  Getting pregnant at 18 because you met the love of your life and dropping out of college is NOT a smart thing to do.  Get a life of your own!

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I think this image of Harry Potter is being used to illustrate, to inform, and ratify the reality of how a new generation is becoming more and more dependent of a new technology; which opens to them a horizon of options and gives them freedom to multitask. This image seems to be a parody of an actuality of our everyday life in the fantasy the world of Harry Potter.  The wands resemble an item that has become a necessity for a younger age group to perform their “magic,” while Dumbledore represents and offers the more traditional perspective. The interests of the new generation are definitely represented in this cartoon.  It shows that the wand “upgrade” combined with the fact of the recent iphone lifestyle is more than a want, is a need to be innovative.   It also represents a change in their lives that denotes who they are and sets them apart from the rest of the world’s population, or in Harry’s world- that will set them apart from their wizard professors.    I would say the iphones are the wands of our generation.  We can’t do anything without it, “we couldn’t create magic.” They are indispensable in our everyday lives.  We simply can’t live without them.

Still Not Sure of Blogs Length

Of course,  I am always behind in class.   This can’t be the exception.  What is the length requirements with blogs?  To my understanding I have the requirements, however, Foley is full of surprises and she might surprise me with a lower percentage because I haven’t met my blog requirements.  I am ok or do I need more blogs?

I really need to work next semester of not being always behind, but is so difficult when you know is your last semester.  As i mentioned before, I don’t want to graduate yet, but is definitely not because of classes, jajajaj.   I am having a very difficult time at keeping up with classes.  Hopefully it won’t be as bad next semester. 

End of the semester…

Time is here! I am done!  I feel liberated, very liberated.  However,  I am a little sad that I will be starting my last semester in undergrad.  I have been waiting for this time all my life, but now that is here I want it to go away.  I have realized that time flies and I haven’t done all the things i should have done or enjoy college they way is supposed to be enjoyed.  For those in class who are sophomores and juniors: ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY COLLEGE.  This time comes around only once and you won’t even notice how fast it goes by.  Don’t stay at your dorm studying Friday and Saturday night, trust me is not worthy.  You will regret it later.  It might sound like a really bad advice for some of you, but you will realize is not when you are at the very end of your undergraduate studies.  Now is the time to do everything you want to do.  Take advantage of it.

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